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Mobile Services

Lan Installations specialise in offering complete end to end telecommunications solutions including:

  • Analysis of existing building telecommunications issues (Indoor and outdoor)
  • Design and planning of future proof building telecommunications solutions
  • Installation of industry leading equipment including Cellular Repeaters and Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS), Inddor Building Coverage (IBC), Wireless Communications, Optical Fibre Networks
  • Testing & Commissioning including PIM Testing, DAS verification, RF Cable Sweeps and Hand-Held Measurement
  • Support & Maintenance servicing of all equipment

Our industry professionals are focussed on delivering first class telecommunications infrastructure to our customers, coupled with tailored service level agreements to ensure their business continually operates at peak performance.



Our Design services provide an approved carrier IBC design that captures 100% building floor area, a Data survey walk test and reports of current macro cellular coverage within the nominated area for Telstra, Optus and Vodafone mobile phone networks, on all current technologies.

We create a detailed design pack of a Distributed Antenna Solution (DAS) to provide mobile phone coverage within the nominated areas not adequately covered by all telco operators with their current macro deployments.

Our Design Documentation includes:

  • Description of proposal Schematic diagram
  • Antenna/cable layouts for each floor
  • Equipment details
  • Operator equipment location
  • Link Budget
  • Proposed signal levels to be delivered by the DAS to coverage areas
  • Representation to the Mobile Carriers Forum (MCF) on behalf of the gallery of the DAS proposal for purposes of sharing the system by the Telco operators



Our installation Services include:

  • Project and construction management
  • Distributed Antenna System (DAS) inbuilding Installation – sizes ½-inch, 7/8- inch, 1 ¼-inch coax cables
  • Donor antenna / repeater technology with a couple of Omni antenna for single floor requirement,
  • 2G > 3G upgrades
  • Eltek rack + battery Install + commissioning
  • Fibre Optic solution for remote active Prism unit
  • BTS Intregration
  • Install of Transmission Lines
  • Public safety compliance and coordination safety compliance and coordination

Candidates for Distributed Antenna Systems (DAS) include:

  • Hospitality Hotels, resorts, conference centres
  • Public Venues Convention Centres, stadiums, airports, Rail stations, Universities, Motorway’s
  • Government & Education Govt. offices/municipality, university campuses
  • Hospitals Medium/larger hospitals more than 100 beds
  • Community Area Shopping Centres, mix of residential, entertainment, and retail spaces


Testing & Commissioning

Lan Installations Testing & Commissioning Services include:

PIM Testing

Testing in one frequency band is acceptable (e.g. 900 MHz only).
Test results shall be provided for reflected measurements at the following points:

  • Each input of the multi-network combiner
  • Each segment connected to multi-network combiner outputs (measured at the point which connects to the multi-network combiner, ie including cable tails).

DAS verification test (RF signal Levelling from every antenna)

The backbone distribution system must be checked for its insertion loss. A signal must be fed in at the base station end and the level out must be measured at the final splitting or coupling point to each floor. Where a splitter feeds more than 1 floor or there is more than 1 output from the same splitter to a floor only one output needs to be tested. The difference between the input level and the output level must be recorded as the insertion loss.
All measurements for insertion loss must be tabulated as per the example below and supplied in electronic format to the lead carrier for validation and acceptance.

RF Cable Sweeps

Measurement of return-loss from a co-axial cable:
A co-axial cable is chosen to measure the return-loss for study purpose. Typically, for a device or a system, return-loss is measured at the input or at the output.

  • Frequency source
  • Detector with calibration source
  • Reflection bridge
  • Co-axial Short
  • cable length

Hand-Held Measurement

Record signal strength and quality readings from mobile handset(s) at pre-determined intervals for multiple wireless technologies and providers.
Measure & Record Document channel, signal strength & signal quality on floor plans through mobile handsets.


Support & Maintenance

Ongoing Support

  • Single point-of-contact for owner’s wireless asset
  • Promotion of neutral DAS to carriers
  • Lease, licensing and system access negotiations
  • Carrier integration engineering
  • Wireless Asset Management reporting
  • Warranty and technical support
  • System monitoring

Maintenance Services

  • Preventive Maintenance Routines
    1. Quarterly, Semi-Annual, or Annual
    2. Cable Sweeps and OTDR testing
    3. Comparison of baseline RF to current RF environment
    4. Equipment inventorying and labeling
    5. Update as-built documentation
  • Response & Repair
    1. 24hr x 7days a week x 365 days a year
    2. Customized SLAs and Maintenance Contracts SLAs and Maintenance Contracts
    3. Regular Updates
  • Ticket received, in-route, on-site, problem isolated, problem fixed
  • System Monitoring
    1. Monitor In-Building DAS elements from all vendors
    2. System impairment communication management
    3. Personnel dispatch
    4. 24x7x365
    5. Customized Monitoring Contract
Mobile Services
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